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Hi there, and welcome to the part of my site, that is all about gaming.

Here i´ll be telling you about my history regarding gaming, what i´ve owned and what i currently own.

I´m a collector of sorts, and when i start collecting something, i go all Pokémon “Gotta Catch ém all”!

Phillips Videopac G7000

This was the first console i ever played on. Back in my childhood home we had one to share between me and my brothers, and it brought me loads of fun. I can’t remember all the games i had on it, but i have recently started collecting them again. Everytime i get a hold of some games, there are some titles here and there, that rings a bell in the back of my head. I currently own 4 of them, with one of them being the upgraded G7400, and they are all mostly functioning perfectly.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Commodore 64

Back when i turned 6, my brother had gotten af PC, so i got his Commodore 64. I remember the sounds of the machine vividly. From the sound of the disc loading, to the SID music comming from my speakers. With my Commodore 64 came two discs full of games for me to play. Among them were: Giana Sisters, Rick Dangerous, Impossible Mission and Donald Duck. Later my other brother got a PC too and i also got his Commodore 64 along with all the gamediscs in our household. I think we had 40-50 in total all full of retro goodies. Sadly it died after i had water dammage in 2007.

I currently do not own a Commodore 64, but im working on it.

SEGA Mega Drive II

Back in 1993 i had a friend who had a Mega Drive II. He didden´t really care about his SEGA, so i often borrowed it from him fore months at a time. He was more into the Nintendo Entertainment System, so when i finally got that, he left this one for dead. I was often pondering buying the SEGA from him, and when i finally asked him, he had dumped it in the trash some weeks earlier.

I currently do not own a SEGA Mega Drive II, but im working on it.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Now here is where it all gets serious! This was my first real passion. The NES was were i started collecting. Lucky for me my father owned a very substantial collection of NES games… well he owned a videorental store, so it was a business thing, BUT i had an almost freepass to play all the games that was available in the store at any given time. So in some regard i had a huge collection. We had some games at home that was our own, and i think it was about 55 games to share with my brothers, so also a respectable collection. But being the boy on the street with the NES, was a pretty good pickupline to get new friends. I sold it back in 2007 and i bought one again in 2019. I also bought the NES Classic in 2018.

I currently do own a Nintendo Entertainment System, but i do not have any games yet.

Super Nintendo

So if the NES was serious, the SNES got way more serious, and is still my most beloved system of all time. And instead of luring in kids to play with me i started to have a small group of like minded friends with SNES consoles that i could share this passion with. I had a personal collection of about 45 games, and i still had access to the videorental store, so again i had the most games available to me. With most of my old collection, i also sold this one back in 2007, and boy do i regret it. I bought one again in 2017 and the collection is growing slowly. I also bought the SNES mini in 2018.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Nintendo 64

I actually never owned with one back in the day, cause dad always said we had to return it, so this was on a strictly borrow from the store base. So usually we had it on weekdays, and it was back in the store on weekends when most of the business was in the rental store. Some of my best memories on this system was playing Mario, Pilotwings, Waveracer, Goldeneye, Turok and Starwars. But i also remember the horrible controller with all of it´s drawbacks. The stick that over time got more and more slanted, soft and unresponsive and suddenly starting to ghost. The way you had to change your grip depending on the game you played. But i actually bought one in 2017, and it is still a fun system to play, with a dumbass controller.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Nintendo Gamecube

Got this one back in 2004 and loved it so much. I got it because one of my friends had one and i wanted one so much that i ended up buying one in the end. I love the design, the controller really took Nintendo to a whole new league, especially comming from the N64 one… am i right? The only wierd thing was the small dvd format the system came with. It was mostly made as a counter measure to piracy, but to no avail, cause this system was easy to mod, so Nintendo lost that war. Mostly i played Donkey Konga, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill and Soul Calibur.

I currently do not own a Nintendo Gamecube, but im working on it.

Nintendo Wii

Oh this one had so much promise. I bought it at release in 2006 and i was so ready for my mind to blown. That never happened. The system was well built, it had the right idea, but the lack of power inside the console slowly killed it of and turned it into a toy, rather than a gaming console. You have to remember that we had Xbox 360 and playstation 3 was also released around the same time. I had some good games, but the gimmick effect took over, and the hardly sufficient wii-motes could not keep up with other consoles responsiveness. I sold mine in 2007 in the big console purge.

I currently do not own a Nintendo Wii, and i don´t think i ever will again. But i do have some games for Wii, check them out here: LINK

Nintendo Wii-U

The Wii-U had a hard life all over the world. The main issue with this console was the name. They should never have called it a Wii. Cause people thought it was just a Wii with a tablet… it wassen´t. The U can play all wii games, but it is a way stronger console with a much upgraded CPU and GPU. You can compare it too how a PS2 could play PS1 games, but was so much more than just a rehashed PS1. But having this name really hurt this console, and when it got retired it was one on the biggest flops in Nintendo history. Sad to see a console five times better than the Wii, selling five times less. But this console also introduced wireless controllers with the well known xbox layout, and it plays beautifully. I bought my Wii-U in 2013, and i have played so much on it, and i still do. Some of my most beloved titles on this console is Mario Maker, Shovel Knight, Mario 3D and Mario Party.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Nintendo Switch

I got this one for my birthday in 2017 and i would love to play on it some more, but im finding myself limited. Even though it is a stationary console, it is also a handheld. And i think i would rather use it as a handheld than a stationary. I have a limited collection for it, and im waiting for something to really captivate me. Mario Maker 2 is comming in june, and that was a huge hit for me on the Wii-U, so im betting my money on that taking me a step closer.

Watch my collection here: LINK


I had a friend who bought an Xbox at the same time i bought my Playstation 2. We took turn visiting eachother to play the different systems, but like most i did not find “The duke” to be gamer friendly. The duke was the xbox controller that was so big that reach was a real issue for most people. I slowly got used to it, but it was not until i got way into my 20s that i began to like the design of it. But the console itself was solid, and it was so easy to manipulate. I currently own three of them and two are modded to run with iso games, emulators and doubles as a media center.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Xbox 360

This was were the collector in me got insane. I have owned over 500 games for this console, and this is all due to the fact that this was the console that ushered in the era of achievements. And that got me seriusly addicted. I got this in 2005 at release but i did not get the hang of achievements before late 2006. And this is also the console that introduced the leading controller design that persists to this day. This design is also apparent in the Xbox One controller, the Wii-U controller, several HORI controllers, and soon the Playstation 4. I currently own eight of these, one being an american one, and i have owned a japanese Xbox 360 too. I still play on this console every week, and i will do so for many years to come.

Check out my trueachievments profile to get a feel of how much this console is a part of my gaming life: LINK

Watch my collection here: LINK

Xbox One

I got it in 2014 and i actually bought the version that you see featured here. I originally decided not to buy one, but then i saw this kickass design on the console, and i simply couldn´t help myself. One of the cooler things about this console, is that it runs more like a PC than a console. It installs all games, with the drawback of having to wait for it to do that. But when all is installed, about 5-10 minutes later, you are flying.

Check out my trueachievments profile to get a feel of how much this console is a part of my gaming life: LINK

Watch my collection here: LINK


I never owned one of my own before 2019, but i have played on several owned by friends. When it came out i was an all Nintendo boy, so it was this mysterious non-Nintendo thing that played a medium that i only regarded as being fit for music. But gaming on it was great, and the innovation of controller design started to draw my attention in a time were i was used to a flat pad, or a joystick. I recently got a B&O MX8000 tv, and im going to use this to play lightgun games, especially the Point Blank 1+2+3 and TimeCrisis.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Playstation 2

This was the first SONY console i ever owned, and the one i got was the silver version in 2000. I don´t have it anymore, but i do have a three of the fat black and three of the slim black ones. The PS2 had something that the N64 didden´t have, and that was the ability to play DVDs. And that was actually one of the huge sellingpoints back then. And that was a great deal for me looking for both a DVD player and a new generation gaming console. On top of that, it had some of the greatest games of that era, and that is counting in the Xbox with it´s PGR, Halo and Dead or Alive. But the PS2 had Tekken, Sly, Buzz, Singstar, and Grand Turismo. And those outbeat the Xbox game catalog by miles.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Playstation 3

I got this one in 2007, and i actually got the old fat version 60GB that could run PS1 and PS2 games. But one of the main reasons for getting this console, was to play Eye of Judgement, Folklore and Heavenly Sword. But some thing was just alittle off with the PS3. It tried to be like the PS2 but better, but the PS2 had a huge backlog of games, and they kept on producing PS2 consoles and PS2 games for many years after the PS3 had released. This did hurt the sales and developement of the console. On top of that the Xbox 360 had introduced achievements and then SONY had to one-up them with Trophys for their platform. But the gaming experience was awesome as expected, but the retail price kept it out of reach for most people for atleast 5 years. Being able to play bluray discs helped the reasoning of the steep price, but for most people DVD was enough for them. I got one again in 2014 and again i bought Eye of Judgement and Heavenly sword.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Playstation 4

In 2016 i got my PS4, and the only reason for buying it, was Bloodborne. And i still haven´t played nor bought it yet. And that is actually a super wierd thing, but other games was so much cheaper to buy and i was waiting for the price to drop to a more reasonable state. My PS4 is really neclected these days, and i will be playing it more in the future.

Watch my collection here: LINK


Now this one brings back memories. I got this for christmas in 1992, and with only two games. Tetris that always came with this handheld, and Mario World. I got so good at Mario World, that i could complete it from strat to finish in less than 2 hours. I recently got it again and played it on my Super Gameboy for the SNES, and i completed the game in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Pretty good for a 22 yeah hiatus. I currently own two Red Gameboys and one Gray. I also owned a Gameboy Color and i will be getting one soon again.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Gameboy Advanced and SP

I bought my Gameboy SP in 2003 and in 2005 i bought a Nintendo DS. The handhelds were getting serious. The SP was basicly a portable SNES and the DS was a portable N64. The quality of games was really on the rise and we now had games that resembled the stationary console editions greatly. Back with the old Gameboy, we were used to the games being mostly horrible and more Game N Watch like, than anything else. Now we had color, music, and higher framerates.

I currently do not own a Gameboy SP, but im working on it.

Watch my collection here: LINK

Gameboy 3DS

My reason for getting this in my collection, was really simple. I wanted the new Zelda game called between worlds. This handheld feels so great and solid, the screen is super bright, the buttons feels just right, and the sound is great. The whole 3D thing is a bit of a gimick, but it works okay. At some point while playing, you will simply turn it off because of the eye strain, but that actually make the whole experience so much better. Cause then it become a regular DS with very improved graphics and sound. So even if the 3D becomes irrelevant, it is still way better than the DS.

Watch my collection here: LINK


I’ve had a PC since 1999. I got my first one at my confirmation. Back then i got a K6-2 333mhz with 32MB SD-ram, and a 4GB harddrive. I remember playing The Sims, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Half Life, Unreal and many others. The PC has been a constant since then, and is my daily driver for all i do, be it school, work or leisure. I also play a little VR some times, and i do own an HTC Vive and an Oculus Rift. My current rig is: Bit Phoenix Tower in Orange – hence the picture, an intel i7 6700K 4GHz, 32GB ram, 1.9TB SSD, Nvidia GTX 1080, Corsair K95 RGB, Razer Diamondback, 3x AOC 144hz screens.

Listing my collection here will be impossible, but you can look me up on steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic, Battlenet, Viveport and Oculus.

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