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Hi there, and welcome to the part of my site that is all about boardgames.

I started collecting board games in 2010, but i´ve been playing boardgames all of my life. The more serious side came with Magic The Gathering in 1993, and later with Warhammer Fantasy and 40.000 in 1996. But i wassen´t collecting yet. The collecting started when i needed an alternative to digital entertainment, and i have never had any regret from turning to cardboard.

Out of all the boardgames i have, i would like to talk about my personal top 15 games. This list might change a bit here and there, but some of these games are very well settled on this list.

Watch my whole collection here: LINK

1.Twilight Imperium 4

I got this one at release in 2017, and i totally love it. The third edition of the game has been in my collection since 2002, and when Fantasy Flights finally decided to release another edition of the game, i was there with all my bottlecaps. And this basicly takes all the good from the third edition and improves on it all while incorperating all of the released expansions that came out for the third edition. This game is a bit of a marathon to get through, with a standard game lasting between 4 and 8 hours, but it is all worth it. This game never sleeps but your playes has to be able to think during their turns. If they don’t this game with last for 15 hours easy. If you like tactics, space, developement and dice, this game is definately for you.

2.Dice Masters

This game is so addicting. I used to play a lot of the older CCG, TCG and LCG games, but this one i totally different. The way Dice Masters work is by building a team of 4-8 heroes, depending on the level of experience you have in the game. Everycard has has a unique dice associated with the card. The total allowed amount of dice is 20 and that is were that hard part comes. How many do you need for each card, and who has to be cut. Just like any other CCG, new released series adds to the possible combinations of teams you can build. A game only lasts between 10-15 minutes, but there is a lot of action going on in that short amount of time. Dice Masters will definately be burning holes in my pocket for years to come, the only sad thing is that almost nobody outside the UK and USA plays the game… except me.














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