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Hi there, and welcome to the part of my site that is all about boardgames.

I started collecting board games in 2010, but i´ve been playing boardgames all of my life. The more serious side came with Magic The Gathering in 1993, and later with Warhammer Fantasy and 40.000 in 1996. But i wassen´t collecting yet. The collecting started when i needed an alternative to digital entertainment, and i have never had any regret from turning to cardboard.

Out of all the boardgames i have, i would like to talk about my personal top 15 games. This list might change a bit here and there, but some of these games are very well settled on this list.

Watch my whole collection here: LINK

1.Twilight Imperium 4

I got this one at release in 2017, and i totally love it. The third edition of the game has been in my collection since 2002, and when Fantasy Flights finally decided to release another edition of the game, i was there with all my bottlecaps. And this basicly takes all the good from the third edition and improves on it all while incorperating all of the released expansions that came out for the third edition. This game is a bit of a marathon to get through, with a standard game lasting between 4 and 8 hours, but it is all worth it. This game never sleeps but your playes has to be able to think during their turns. If they don’t this game with last for 15 hours easy. If you like tactics, space, developement and dice, this game is definately for you.

2.Dice Masters

This game is so addicting. I used to play a lot of the older CCG, TCG and LCG games, but this one i totally different. The way Dice Masters work is by building a team of 4-8 heroes, depending on the level of experience you have in the game. Everycard has has a unique dice associated with the card. The total allowed amount of dice is 20 and that is were that hard part comes. How many do you need for each card, and who has to be cut. Just like any other CCG, new released series adds to the possible combinations of teams you can build. A game only lasts between 10-15 minutes, but there is a lot of action going on in that short amount of time. Dice Masters will definately be burning holes in my pocket for years to come, the only sad thing is that almost nobody outside the UK and USA plays the game… except me.


Now this game is the real deal. I backed this back when it was on kickstarter, and i made the full pledge. That means im actually still receiving expansions from the company to expand my game. But the core game itself, is something of a marvel. The game is a semi-coop space exploration game. You are all stranded on a forreign ship, and you need to find out if all engines are working, and if you are headed the right direction. But what your objective is, can vary alot by your objective card. Maybe you are supposed to go to Mars, maybe earth, or maybe you are just supposed to kill a player on the ship. All sorts of surprices can happen during your exploration, and weapons and cunning will be needed to make it through this thriller of a game. Many hours of fun as already been had, and many more will come with the comming expansions.


Imagine Doom or Quake as a boardgame, and you will have a clear idea about what this game is trying to do… and it does it well. You have a character, and you spawn in on the map at one of the three spawnzones. From there you can pick up weapons, reload, shoot, or try to find resources. The cool thing about this game is alle the vendetta and banter this produces. The best part is the plethora of weapons in the game that function each in it’s own way. That all brings so much veriety to the game that keeps it so fresh. The game is made as an FFA game, but im planning on bying the “Team” expansion that allows for 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 games, and that will make it even cooler.

5.Dice Hospital

If you don’t know me by now, know this… I LOVE DICE GAMES! I cannot say it enough, i really do love dice, and the games that are made with them. Dice Hospital is a game that really caters to my obsession and the coolest news, is the kickstarter for three new expansions comming in the spring of 2020. Dice Hospital is played by having your dice be your patients. That means your patients are randomly generated, and you are now tasked with trying to heal them by getting specialists or better rooms for your hospital. But you actually do have a bit of power over your luck. Every round you are getting served a couple of full ambulances with new patients, and you pick in turn. If you pick the worst off ambulance, you will in turn get to go first this round. But if you don’t want to, you can just pick the safest one, and let someone else go first. But be aware of your current patients, if you don’t heal them before space runs out, you will have to kill them to make room for more, and you will be served with a point punishment. Can recommend this for anybody, even kids around 10 or above, aslong as they can count to seven, they can play Dice Hospital.

6.Twilight Imperium 3

So if you read the number 1 spot on this list, you should know by now, that TI is one of my favorite game series. This is the first one i ever played, and i bought this one back in 2003. The box i own has been played so many times that i cannot even dare to try to give an estimate. But looking at it, it is still in great condition and i still think it is one of the greatest games ever made. So why spot number 6 then. Well TI4 was such a needed change for the series, even if i don’t agree with every single change, the 15 year wait was worth it. I am missing certain elements from TI3 in TI4, and for that reason TI3 is still a game i like playing were a sequel otherwise would make the older version moot.

7.Terraforming Mars

So i was introduced to this game in 2017, and it was such a great experience. I imediately bought it, and when it arrived, i played it every day for about a month. Fast track to the future, i own 4 expansions and i backed a 5th that should arrive in December. Terraforming Mars is a race to make Mars habitable. We do that by making lakes, building greeneries to make CO2, and by raising the temperature to a nice and toasty earth like level. So it is not about who does it first, but who does it the best. But doing most, by claiming milestones first, and by winning awards for a job well done. The game utilises cards to make your strategy with, and it does it so well, that the game is mostly open ended all the way up to the very end.

8.Elder Sign

Another game with dice that had my attention from the get go. We are working together to prevent the release of a terrible monster. We are then tasked with going through several missions to beat smaller monsters to collect Elder Signs, if we fail at that, the monster will be set free, and we now have to beat it if we can. Each game is randomly set up, so it will always be a new game most of the way, but when you have played agains all monsters, there are expansions out there to add even more quality to the game.

9.Terra Mystica

So as we conquered all of space in TI3 and TI4, Terra Mystica is more a fantasy game about terraforming landmasses to suit your race. So if you are playing Merfolk you need a lake enviroment to live, a Dwarf need a hill/mountain area and so on. So by expanding your camp you will come to other lands, and you will then have to pay to make it your own. Sometimes it is easy to terraform, and other times you need to terraform a landtype several times to suit your needs. The best feature in this game is the shifts in balance that is the faithbranch where you can get better income by building monestarys and by using priests to exchange or upgrade feature suchs as your ability to terraform or reach over water. The game has about 20 races with all different traits, so the game has so much replayability, and as many of my other games, this also has an expansion that i also own.

10. Brass Birmingham

So im a huge fan of micromanaging games, both on board but also on digital, but i have never seen a game like this before. All of this game is about upgrading and networking. The game is played in two rounds, and the first is called the canal era. In this era all citys of the Birmingham area in England is connected by small canals, and you are tasked with building boats to connect them to have your goods moved. You then build coalmines and steelmines to help you develope factories and sell your good later on. The second era is the train era. This time you will be able to move your goods faster and more routes will become available with the posibility of laying down tracks. But be aware that building now requires coal for the trains, so it all gets a bit more expensive. The most profitable player wins the game.

11.Dice Throne

Dice… Seriously… Are you even surpriced by now? I was sold this experience with the words “It is litterally Battle Yatzy!”… Well i do know Yatzy, and this is 1:1 Yatzy… But wait! There is more!!! You have five dice and a character, and the dice has numbers as always, but on top of that, each face has a symbol on it. So the dice has double meaning in the game. By rolling you are either trying to get a small of large straight such as in Yatzy, or you are trying to match several symbols to perform an action. The action is always an attack on your opponent. You both start with 50HP and the goal is now to kill your foe. To aid you in this quest, you can upgrade your abilities, throw status effects on yourself or your opponent, or you can play cards from your hand to improve your rolls or cheat with your dice. This game is like cocaine for me, and im deeply dependant now. I even bought all four expansions, and got a hold of the whole kickstarter edition and backed the Adventures edition comming out next year.

12.New Angeles

Now for something completely different. This is a coop game, but then again it isn’t. It is a political coop game with a traitor mechanic. At first glance i thought “That the ¤”#%” is this?”, but after the first 2-3 games, i started loving it, and my friends started to hate it. Cause this game is all about hustleing your friends, and im apearently good at that. Each round a good trait is up for grabs, and you have to argue who should have it. This is where some really iffy deals are going down. We are all playing as business owners with each our own interest in the well being of New Angeles, so by argueing with eachother, we are trying to further our own agenda. But we all have a common goal, and that is to keep the government out of New Angeles, cause if you let the city get out of control, they will take over, and we all lose. We will have to control strikes, gangs, outages and pillages. But there will sometimes be a traitor amongst the players working for the government to try and make us fail. Can we find the traitor? Or are non of us a traitor? Are we all so paranoid that we blame eachother without merit? That is the whole premise of New Angeles.

13.Fury of Dracula

I love playing Dracula in this game. I actually have never played anything else than Dracula, and my friends wants me to get the !#¤” of the Dracula role. Let me tell you a bit about this beauti of a game. The whole plot is to find Dracula and kill him. When you find him, you will have to fight him with actioncards. But before all that, you must hunt him all over Europe. Dracula can move in secret and the four adventures must spread out via train and horse to search citys and towns for traces of Dracula. Sometimes Dracula have laid out some surprices by placing Vampires or ghouls for the adventures, and some times they will get a solid lead on the current location of the half dead coffin afficianado. This game will frustrate your friends will you laugh your ass off, cause you know they are going in the wrong direction.

14.Ninja All Stars

I enjoy some anime here and there, and if i can mix it with a boardgame, im all for it. In Ninja All Stars the makes have made a cool action strategi game with a look of an anime. The Ninjas are going on the field to kill the opposing team. All can happen during the game, cause we are all Ninjas, with Ninja equipment. Some can throw smokebombs, some can blind, and some can poisen. Attacking from rooftops and running Naruto style is the name of the game, and being a great tactician will make you a solid winner in this game. The artwork and modelwork is so good that you just want all of them, even if it is just for collecting without playing the game. Another cool feature is the doublesided gameboard that makes the game having more varieties, and i would love to see more games with this feature. The game also comes with a big library of alternative playstyles and game modes, so it will never get boring, and it even sports a turnament mode with experience to carry over into new games with added bonuses to your team. I got alot of the figures for this game, but i want ALL OF IT!

15.Star Trek Five-Year Mission

At the end of my list comes this game. At first i did not care much for this one, and it seemed like another game with a popular franchise on the box, to sell a broken and halfassed game. Boy was i proven wrong, and this is my go-to intermission game between the big ones. The game is yet again a dicegame… SURPRICE!!! We are all tasked with clearing several issues on the ship during our flight, and these are cleared by rolling dice in turns. The problems can be very diverse, and they can sometimes create an urgency superseeding other problems. If a problem is urgent, it can cause dammage to the ship so it has to be dealt with first. Others demand to be cleared in a time frame, and the game comes with a 3 min hourglass. You roll dice on your turn and match them to the cards on the table and the turn goes to the next player. That means you don’t have to clear a card on your turn, but rather just help so that the next played can finish what you started to clear. But sometimes a card has to be done by a single player and that is when the harder parts of the game comes to the light of day. One of the worst problems is the “Comms card” this prevents all players from communicating with eachother, and that is a big problem in a coop game. This game takes about 15-30mins depending on the number of players and is super easy to play even with newcommers.

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